Attention Realtors®: Short Sales Are the Untapped Goldmine of the Decade!

Are you taking short sale listings and unsure of how to proceed? Learn How to Master the Art of the Short Sale Transaction

This FREE ebook will help you to:

  • Grow Your Income
  • Increase Personal Productivity
  • Position Yourself as an Expert in the Field
  • Eliminate Frustration with the Short Sale Process

Learn the six steps to a mastering the art of the short sale.

Master the Art of the Short Sale

  1. Pre-Qualify the Seller and the Property
  2. Price the Property
  3. Manage the Listing Appointment
  4. Place the Property on the Market
  5. Receive and Respond to Offers
  6. Avoid Common Pitfalls

Written by Broker, Melissa Zavala, who has received over 1000 short sale approval letters in the last three years, this groundbreaking short sale guide also includes the following material:

  • Tips on How to Bulletproof Your Short Sale Transaction
  • Direct Link to Hardship Letter Writing Guidelines
  • Direct Link to Financial Statement Guidelines
  • Realtors® Due Diligence Tools