Bank of America Short Sales Using Equator

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Bank of America Short Sales Using Equator

If you are a listing agent who is processing a Bank of America short sale for one of your clients, then you may already be familiar with Bank of America’s Internet-based short sale platform called Equator.

Bank of America started using Equator in order to process their short sales at the end of 2009. Over the last few months, Bank of America has finally started providing support to agents who are struggling with their short sales and also for agents who need support in using the Equator system.

Through Webex, you can now watch some Bank of America videos of live webinars that will provide you additional support with short sales and with Equator.

Here is a list of the Bank of America webinars that you can view:

Understanding Short Sales

Ten Tips to a Successful Short Sale

Completing a Short Sale Under HAFA

The Bank of America Short Sale Process

You can view all of the above webinars by clicking here.

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    • Melissa Zavala

      We would be more than happy to process your short sale thru Equator for you. Check out our members arena and you can see what we need to get your short sale approval fast. You can also read more Equator articles by searching ‘equator’ in the sidebar. There are tons of tips and tools there! Cheers!


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