How Long Until a Short Sale Seller Can Buy Again?

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I’ve got yet another chart to share with you that addresses one of the most common questions asked by short sale sellers, participants in bankruptcy proceedings, and those who have been touched by foreclosure. You may remember the last waiting period chart that I shared that reviewed in great detail all of the loan programs and also provided an overview on the time periods (or waiting periods) for buying another property or obtaining another home loan again—the future ability to borrow.

When I received this brief overview (see below), it was just like the pleasurable experience of receiving an Amazon gift certificate (hint, hint to my husband—if he is reading) by surprise in my email inbox. It’s brief. It’s simple to read, and it’s provided to you here courtesy of Kevin Hauber, a Senior Loan Consultant at iMortgage. Anyway, it’s helpful information for you and also that can be passed on to your clients. Thanks, Kevin, for sharing it with the world.
Loan Waiting Periods
Sidebar: To friends and followers of Short Sale Expeditor®, you need to log into Scribd in order to download and print this chart. If the chart doesn’t look right on your browser, delete your browsing history and check that you have all the latest updates on your computer BEFORE you email me at my personal email address and beg me to send you a copy 😉


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