One Spicy Tip for Getting Your Short Sale Closed

short sale process

Are you having trouble getting your short sales closed? Do you think that they take forever to process? Do you buyers when you have finally obtained your approval letter? Here is the #3 tip in a series of the Top Ten Tips for Getting Your Short Sales Closed. Tip 1: Get Educated About the Short […]

Most Common Short Sale Question Answered Here

anti-deficiency statute

What’s the most common short sale question asked by agents and short sale sellers? That’s easy. Hands down, the most common question is: “Will the bank come after me for the amount of debt forgiven?” California homeowners who are considering a short sale will really like the answer to this question. Governor Jerry Brown just […]

Short Sale Denied – What Next?

value dispute

Got a message in the inbox the other morning – short sale denied. The bank would not be accepting the short sale, and they were closing out the file. I cannot say that I was surprised. Here’s what happened: The bank sent out another Broker or agent to complete a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) for […]

Bank Forecloses – What Next?

trustee's sale

When the bank forecloses on a property because the owner has not made mortgage payments, one of two things will happen: The property will revert back to the bank and the bank is now the owner. The property will be sold at auction to a private party. If the property reverts back to the bank, […]

4 Smart Short Sale Listing Strategies

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For real estate agents, when a client calls you and sets up a listing appointment or a consultation to discuss a possible short sale listing, make sure to “pre-qualify” or “interview” that client on the telephone when setting up the appointment. Ask questions to find out about the number of mortgages, whether the property taxes […]

Up to $10000 for California Short Sale Sellers

Money for California Short Sale Sellers According to a recent announcement by Bank of America, there is still plenty of incentive money available for distressed borrowers selling their homes as short sales in the state of California. If your financially distressed California clients can no longer afford their homes and are pursuing a short sale […]

#1 Amazing Program Offered by Bank of America

Short sale specialists often grumble about Bank of America. Perhaps these struggled with a challenging short sale or perhaps they spent way too many hours on hold waiting to solve a problem or get a question answered. While short sale stories and Bank of America may have a long and unpleasant history, this Bank of […]

#1 Reason Why Short Sales Don’t Close

I recently heard that Dorothy’s ruby slippers were auctioned off and they fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you recall, Glinda the Good Witch puts the slippers on Dorothy’s feet at the beginning of The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy knows they are magical and learns at the end of the film that if she […]

3 Point Checklist: Short Sale Approval Letters

second lien

If you are an agent who is working short sales, congratulations! You are among the thickest skinned and hardest working agents in the ranks. Well, if you haven’t gotten a lien holder approval letter yet (or if you have only gotten a few), I’d like to share a little bit of wisdom: Obtaining approval letters […]