How to Dispute a Short Sale Property Value

I’m not going to say that I am super strong. I’ve done some martial arts and some kickboxing, but if I hit you, I probably wouldn’t take you to the floor. Nevertheless, I know the best way to fight a bad Broker Price Opinion (BPO). I can knock that baby to the floor in three […]

What You Must Know Before Your Next Listing

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Now that the market is officially swinging upwards again (for how long, who knows?), there’s something very important that you need to know if you are a listing agent. Specifically, you need to know how much the seller owes in liens and mortgages and assess whether the seller is actually “upside down” or not. That […]

Here’s the Solution to Any Short Sale Problem

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We had no less than five short sales scheduled to close this week, and only one of them actually closed. Problems such as loan documents not being generated on time, issues with an LLC buyer, and title concerns about a power of attorney delayed the other four. When things in real estate don’t seem to […]

What You Need to Know in Order to Close the Sale

title report

At our office and on our blog, we have often reported about the importance of ordering a preliminary title report either before or immediately after taking a short sale listing (or any listing, for that matter). This preliminary report will reveal the inside scoop on your listing or potential listing and may save you a […]

The Skinny on Short Sales and Bankruptcy


When taking a short sale listing, one of the questions that the listing agent should ask is whether the seller is in an active bankruptcy. Due to the state of our economy, it has become increasingly more common for homeowners to file  (or to have recently filed) bankruptcy. Short Sales and Bankruptcy An active bankruptcy […]

Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac – Does It Matter?

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Dear Short Sale Expeditor®: How do I know if my client’s mortgage is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac? Also, why would this be important? How would this information impact a short sale? –Awesome Agent*   Dear Awesome Agent: All very good questions, indeed. In order to determine whether your client’s loan is owned […]

Not fun at all – junior liens on short sales

second lien

Negotiating with second lien holders has long been a hot topic on the Short Sale Expeditor® website. Most recently, two agents asked the following questions about junior liens and short sales. Why do second lien holders play games when they are in the inferior position? Why doesn’t the threat of foreclosure scare the second lien […]

Here’s What You Want to Know


Christmas and Thanksgiving are behind us. The New Year’s festivities are behind us, and apparently agents are back in business in 2015. The phone was ringing off the hook this week with all sorts of short sale questions. Here’s what you (or your peers and colleagues) wanted to know: Are you still processing short sales? […]

HAFA Relocation Assistance Increased to $10K

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On October 30, 2014, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Program released Supplemental Directive 14-04: Making Home Affordable – Program Updates. If this sounds like a lot of gibberish, the main thing that real estate professionals need to know is this: HAFA relocation assistance is increased to $10,000 for short sale sellers that close on […]

President Obama Signs Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act


Did you hear the news? Probably by now, you have. Any owners of homes that participated in short sales during 2014 will now be pleased to know that President Obama signed the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act into law (or rather, he signed the extension of the Act that originally was drafted in 2007 and had […]