Bring Me Your Highest and Best – Huh?

Have you ever submitted an offer and subsequently received a phone call from the agent where she (or he) said, “Send over your highest and best.” The thing is that with short sales (actually with all kinds of offers), the highest offer is not always the best offer. In real estate and particularly in the […]

Top Short Sale Listing Tips Revealed

Short sale listing appointments can be overwhelming—not only for the borrowers (the potential short sale sellers) but also for the short sale listing agent. There is so much to discuss and so much documentation to sign and collect. In order to make the short sale listing appointment as efficient and calm as possible, here are […]

Spicy Hot Tips for Your Next Short Sale Closing

It’s hard to avoid. You know it is. When you receive a short sale approval letter after weeks or months of anguish and stress, all you want to do is dance (like Ellen Degeneres, or the Late Michael Jackson, or Napoleon Dynamite). However, after printing that approval letter, don’t go run and spend your commission […]

Your Short Sale Buyer Is Gone

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It has probably happened to you before. In fact (unfortunately), it is all too common. The short sale negotiation process goes on too long, the short sale contract wasn’t airtight, and the short sale buyer disappears. S/he is ‘gone with the wind.’ There are many things that a short sale listing agent can do in […]

Sellers Can Still Get Paid to Short Sale

On October 30, 2014, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Program released Supplemental Directive 14-04: Making Home Affordable – Program Updates. If this sounds like a lot of gibberish, the main thing that real estate professionals need to know is this: HAFA relocation assistance is increased to $10,000 for short sale sellers that close on […]

10 Ways to Get a Quick Closing

What’s the quickest short sale approval letter that you have ever received? I’ve received a few in under 48 hours–but only a few (which way less than one percent of my short sale closings.) There are, however, some ways to ensure that your short sale approval comes as quickly as humanly possibly. Top 10 Ways […]